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Bodybuilding food

Bodybuilding food

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Bodybuilding food


Bodybuilding relies mainly on amplifying the muscles of the body, like the chest, back, arms, shoulders, and legs. Competition during this sport is predicated on muscle mass, visibility, and detail. They also enjoy food to rebuild and amplify the muscle

Bodybuilding food sports

Bodybuilding practitioners greatly need food, because it is a crucial factor for muscular hypertrophy also as exercises, and without it it's difficult to inflate the muscles of the body, where the muscles of the physical body are made from bundles containing muscle fibers

A bodybuilder essentially needs protein, and he must include this nutrient in large quantities in his diet, because protein is extremely important in rebuilding the tissues within the body
additionally to protein, it also needs carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and vitamins, and every of those nutrients has its own benefit for improving the form of the body and amplifying its muscles


Protein is that the first nutrient that a bodybuilder needs, because it is important to rebuild muscle tissue after exhausting with exercise. there's a daily requirement for protein for the bodybuilder, and if he doesn't get this amount, the muscles won't be enlarged, but are going to be destroyed if the quantity of protein consumed is extremely little
Bodybuilders can get protein from two primary sources: food, and artificial protein products as a dietary supplement. In food, protein is found in high levels in meat, fish, and milk products, and it's one among the simplest foods that contain protein

Chicken (especially chicken breast)
Red meat like beef, calf, and lamb
the milk
Cheese (like cottage cheese)

Synthetic protein is typically derived mainly from foods, and is among the foremost prominent foods from which whey protein springs 

Unsaturated fats

Bodybuilders use Monounsaturated Fats to lose weight, as consuming unsaturated fats and making them the main source of energy instead of carbohydrates leads to burning fats stored in the body, in addition to that unsaturated fats have many health benefits, It is very beneficial for the heart and blood circulation, and it also regulates blood sugar

 Unsaturated fats are found in the following foods
 Oils (if not fried) like olive oil


 Bodybuilders prefer low-glycemic index carbohydrates, as such carbohydrates are the least weighty due to their high digestibility
Also, carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin in the blood, and this increases the absorption of nutrients by the muscles, so the muscle’s benefit from food increases, so it swells faster

One of the useful sources of carbohydrates for bodybuilders
sweet potato
Brown rice

Vitamins and minerals

Bodybuilders take advantage of the multiple benefits of vitamins and minerals, due to the exhausting exercises that they exercise, and lead to injuries in various parts of the body. Muscles, in addition to being important for the immune system and the strength of bones and muscles

 Bodybuilders benefit from various types of vitamins and minerals, the most important of which are calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and zinc, and can be obtained from foods or through supplementary products, and are found in abundance in the following foods


Water is important not just for bodybuilders, except for everyone. Everyone must drink sufficient quantities of water per day to make sure a healthy and healthy body. Drinking many water (in batches) helps stimulate metabolism within the body, and water supplies the body. With sufficient energy per day, additionally to the very fact that water is important for the cells of the body, and it's necessary for the health of the brain
Bodybuilders drink large quantities of water, because it stimulates metabolism, as this helps to inflate muscles, and therefore the only case during which bodybuilders reduce their drinking of water is within the last periods before competition, so as to dry their body, which makes the muscle more prominent and clearer. once they attend stage 

Diet programs for bodybuilders

Diet programs for bodybuilders generally contain high levels of protein, additionally to containing energy sources, but any food program differs from another consistent with the difference within the desired goal. A bodybuilder who wants to inflate his body needs more carbohydrates than he needs Whoever wants to dry, and therefore the player of perfection who wants to reduce and burn fat needs fewer carbohydrates, and comparatively high amounts of beneficial fats (such as fried oils and nuts).
the straightforward bodybuilding diet starts with a breakfast that contains good proportions of carbohydrates (oats and milk are an example of an honest breakfast), protein (such as boiled eggs), then a lunch containing chicken breasts, as long as the exercise begins two hours after lunch, for a duration of The body needs energy, and therefore the food needs about 4 hours to digest, therefore the body can enjoy the protein that this food contains after completing the exercise, since the meal is close to be fully digested, and it's preferable to drink one scoop of commercial protein immediately after the exercise, And you've got to feed the exhausted muscles of the body from the exercise, and therefore the meal after exercise is preferable to contain high amounts of protein (a box of sardines or tuna is taken into account an honest meal after exercise), and this meal is followed by a final pre-sleep meal containing a slow-absorbing protein to feed the muscle during Sleep, and low-fat cheeses are an honest example of such meals

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